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Pelican Pool Hoist

Why you need an Australian Made pool hoist

Para Mobility is an Australian company specialising in practical and efficient mobility solutions to help customers have access to independence. Our vision is to make work, health and play inclusive for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Our range of assistive technology equipment dramatically improves the quality of life and experiences for people with mobility limitations.

We believe that people of all abilities should have safe, easy and convenient access to the water. For people with mobility issues, the soothing embrace of water is a sanctuary where physical constraints are temporarily removed, enabling a sense of freedom and weightlessness.

Our aquatic assistive technology products allow safe and dignified access to the water for everybody. Our hoists, including our Pelican Pool & Spa Hoist and Kingfisher Pool Access Seat, provide entry to swimming pools in leisure centres, community centres, aged care homes, or private residences. Pool hoists are ideal for entering and exiting swimming pools for relaxation or therapy.

Pool hoists provide freedom for everyone to use the pool regardless of their ability or age. Designed and manufactured in Australia, and tested in accordance with ASA 3581, Para Mobility’s range of pool and spa hoists allows access to above and below ground spas, swimming and hydrotherapy pools.

Our hoists can be mobile or fixed permanently at the edge of the pool or spa and is installed on the pool deck.

The hoists are suitable for use in public pools, aquatic centres, leisure centres, private homes, nursing homes and schools.

We understand that all pools and aquatic centres are different and we will work with you to ensure your pool and spa hoists are made to suit your specific needs.

Pool hoists provide a means for people with limited mobility to enter and exit swimming pools with ease, promoting inclusivity and enhancing their mental and physical well-being.

Prioritising accessibility is not only important for aquatic centres – it is a legal requirement under Australia’s Disability Discrimination Act 1992. The Act ensures people with disabilities have the same rights to access facilities and services as everyone else, and requires aquatic centres to provide equitable access to people with disabilities.

Our pool hoists are also built to Australian Standards, are ISO compliant and can be installed to meet Australian Building Codes.

We have a unique understanding of the specific lifting requirements for those with restricted mobility and design our products, including pool hoists, to ensure both users and carers are safe. Our Pelican Pool & Spa Hoist requires no manual lifting for carers and is simply operated with a press button hand switch.

Para Mobility’s entire range of aquatic equipment and moving solutions is designed and manufactured in Australia. All products have safety, comfort and ease of use in mind for users and carers. Our equipment is designed to be easily folded and stored away when not in use. Our pool and spa hoist can be wheeled from one area to another and comes with a cover for when it’s not in use.

Para Mobility’s Pelican Pool & Spa Hoist is the only Australian Made product on the market with the flexibility of providing access to a swimming pool with all of the following:

  • Platform
  • Fixed seat
  • Aquatic pool chair
  • Slings.

The hoist is durable, reliable, safe to use for carers and users, and recommended by council-run aquatic centres.

“We aim to meet all the needs of our clientele and respond to their feedback and that’s why Para Mobility has been so helpful to us because it’s allowed us a broader group of clientele,” says Andrew Sallaway, Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre’s Coordinator of Operations.

“Para Mobility products are second to none. They have been very responsive to our needs and have helped us grow our business as we see more clients coming in to use the facilities.”

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