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Take control and enjoy greater independence.

The IBIS™ Portable Car Access Lifter system has been designed and manufactured in Australia by Para Mobility to allow a disabled person to be seated in the front passenger seat of most cars, 4WD vehicles and the side entry of vans and caravans. It is operated by the person or carer, with a press button action allowing the person to be transferred from a wheelchair into the vehicle without any lifting, whilst being completely portable.

To further make the IBIS Access Lifter even more portable we have also developed the IBIS™ Hinge Adapter Bracket (IHAB), custom made to attach to the hinges of your car door, eliminating the need for any permanent car modifications. Clip the IHAB onto the door hinge of the car, attach the IBIS to the bracket as normal, plug in the power source using the portable battery pack and you are ready to go.

The IBIS is a great piece of assistive technology equipment for passenger seat transfer for many, but generally for those up to 95kg and up to 5 10’ in height to allow space for the folding of the hoist arms to get the patient safely and comfortably in and out of the door opening does prevent it from being suitable for all people and all sizes.

  • Operation can be by either the user or the carer
  • Mounting bracket is neatly located beside the front door column
  • Press button hand control which is powered from the portable battery pack or vehicle battery
  • Can be easily removed and stored in the boot when not in use and whilst travelling
  • Lightweight for easy handling – 11kgs
  • Includes IBIS sling – small, standard or high back (tailor made slings can also be arranged)
  • 3 x size options suitable for small, medium and large vehicles
  • Manufactured by Para Mobility in accordance with ASA 3581
  • Lifting capacity 100kgs
  • Mechanical Actuator Lift mechanism
  • Carry/storage bag
  • Sling
  • Battery pack
  • IBIS™ hinge adapter bracket (IHAB) – Custom Made for any type of care
  • Hand control

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