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Para Mobility is a leading provider of assistive technology, mobility and lifting equipment. With a commitment to enhancing accessibility and promoting independence for individuals with mobility challenges, Para Mobility offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of users and caregivers.

Mobility Equipment

Our mobility equipment includes a wide range of aids designed to enhance mobility and support daily activities for individuals with disabilities, mobility limitations along with aged care. This includes change tables, wheelchairs, lifters and hoists.

Disabled Lifting Equipment

Para Mobility specialises in lifting equipment designed to facilitate safe and dignified transfers for individuals with mobility limitations. Our range of lifting solutions includes ceiling hoists, portable hoists, pool and spa hoists, and car access lifters. These disability hoists provide reliable support for transferring individuals between different surfaces, such as beds, chairs, toilets, pools, spas, vehicles, and more, ensuring optimal safety and comfort.

Aged Care Solutions

Our aged care solutions cater to the unique needs of seniors and elderly individuals, offering products designed to enhance comfort, mobility, and independence as they age. All engineered to promote autonomy and well-being in aged care environments.

Assistive Technology

Para Mobility’s range of assistive technology encompasses innovative solutions designed to improve accessibility and quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Our range is engineered to provide greater independence and freedom of movement in everyday life.

Platypus Pool Steps

Aquatic Wheelchairs

Luna Ceiling Hoist

Adult Change Tables

IBIS™ Car Access Lifter

NDIS Housing

Accessible Disabled Bathrooms and Equipment

We also stock a complete range of parts and accessories!

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