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Why service and maintain your equipment?

The main reason for Service and Maintenance of equipment is that it is the most cost-effective way to maintain the value of an your Assistive Technology asset.

The advantages of servicing and maintaining equipment are:

  • the equipment is organised and maintained in a systematic rather than ad-hoc way
  • the standard and presentation of the equipment is maintained
  • subjective decision making and emergency corrective maintenance are minimised
  • maintain accreditation of facility
  • ensures equipment is on good working order and is available for customers with a disability to utilise

When equipment is neglected, defects can occur which may result in extensive and avoidable damage to equipment or surrounding equipment / environment.

Neglect of service and maintenance can also give rise to other risk and safety hazards, which could result in the injury of users.

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Para Mobility Pelican® Installation & Service offers services and maintenance in all states in Australia, both directly and with service partners in some regions.

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