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Para Mobility has a number of Ceiling Hoists that comply with BCA 2019 specifications

It is a basic human right to be able to access a clean, safe and private place to go to the toilet.

Changing Places hoists play a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with profound disabilities. These specialised hoists are integral components of Changing Places facilities, offering crucial support for users and caregivers during personal care routines. Equipped with advanced lifting mechanisms and sturdy construction, Changing Places hoists ensure safe and dignified transfers for individuals with mobility challenges.

By incorporating Changing Places hoists into accessible facilities, such as Changing Places bathrooms, venues can significantly broaden their accessibility scope. These hoists enable users to access facilities comfortably, promoting independence and participation in public life. Moreover, caregivers benefit from the convenience and safety features of these hoists, facilitating smoother caregiving experiences.

Overall, Changing Places hoists represent a commitment to inclusivity and equitable access for all. Their presence in public spaces not only meets the needs of individuals with disabilities but also fosters a more welcoming and accommodating environment for everyone.

Australia became the first country in the world to regulate for Accessible Adult Change Facilities [AACF] in its building code.

From 1 May 2019, the National Construction Code (NCC 2019) required a new type of public toilet called ‘Accessible Adult Change Facilities’ [AACF] – based on the Changing Places design – to be included in certain classes of public buildings such as:

  • shopping centres
  • sports stadiums and swimming pools
  • theatres and museums
  • domestic and international airports

(a) Each accessible adult change facility [AACF] must—

(i) be constructed so that all required equipment and fixtures are contained within the same room; and
(ii) if it is a unisex facility, be located such that it can be entered without crossing an area reserved for one sex only.

(b) In each accessible adult change facility, the following must be provided:

(i) A hoist complying with Clause 3 – see details below
(ii) A toilet pan, seat, backrest and grabrails complying with Clause 4
(iii) A washbasin and tap complying with Clause 5
(iv) Fixtures and fittings as specified in Clause 6
(v) A change table complying with Clause 7 – see details below
(vi) Changing rails complying with Clause 8
(vii) An automated entrance door complying with Clause 9
(viii) Signage complying with Clause 10
(ix) Operating instructions for the hoist and change table in accordance with Clause 11
(x) Complying circulation spaces

The hoist must—

(a) provide a constant charge in-line room coverage hoist system (also known as an “XY” system or gantry) including 2 parallel fixed rails and a moving traverse rail; and

(b) provide coverage over the entire room; and

(c) have a maximum safe working load of not less than 180 kg; and

(d) be capable of sustaining a static load of not less than 1.5 times the rated load; and

(e) have a maximum lifting height of 2100 mm

(a) The change table must be—

(i) permanently installed, with one of the long edges up against a wall and with a retractable safety rail on the opposite side; and
(ii) motorised for the purposes of height adjustment; and
(iii) height adjustable between 450 mm and 900 mm above finished floor level; and
(iv) not less than 700 mm wide; and
(v) not less than 1800 mm long

(b) The change table must have a maximum safe working load of not less than 180 kg, including when raising or lowering the table

(c) The change table must not encroach on any required circulation space

(d) A dispenser for sanitary wipes must be provided

(e) A shelf not less than 400 mm long and 150 mm wide must be provided

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