How Para Mobility Products Can Help Occupational Therapists

Para Mobility products are designed with the needs of individuals with mobility challenges in mind, offering a range of solutions that significantly benefit occupational therapists (OTs) in their work. Products commonly used by OTs include Pelican Pool Hoist, Kingfisher Pool Access Seat, Aquatic Wheelchairs, Pool Steps, Luna Ceiling Hoists, Change tables and IBIS Wheelchair to Car Access.

Here are several ways in which these Para Mobility products offer assistance to OTs:

1. Facilitates Client Independence

Promoting Self-Reliance: Products like the IBIS Wheelchair to Car Access enable clients to transfer from their wheelchair to a vehicle with minimal assistance, fostering greater independence.
Daily Activities: Other solutions, such as home lifts and pool access equipment allow clients to perform daily tasks more independently.

2. Improved Safety

Reduced Risk of Injury: Para Mobility’s electric lift systems and transfer aids minimise the physical strain on both clients and therapists, reducing the risk of injury during transfers and other activities.
Stability and Security: These products are designed to provide secure and stable support, ensuring that clients are safely accommodated during use.

3. Efficient Use of Time

Streamlined Processes: The user-friendly design of Para Mobility products simplifies the process of transferring and supporting clients, enabling OTs to manage their time more effectively and focus on therapeutic activities.
User Friendly: Para Mobility products are designed for quick and easy use, reducing downtime and allowing therapists to integrate these solutions into their practice promptly.

4. Enhanced Therapeutic Outcomes

Facilitating Rehabilitation: By providing safe and reliable mobility solutions, Para Mobility products support clients in actively participating in their rehabilitation programs, potentially leading to faster and more effective outcomes. Our aquatic accessible product range is in particularly high demand when it comes to fostering therapeutic benefits.
Encouraging Participation: The increased independence and safety afforded by these products encourage clients to engage more fully in their therapy sessions and daily activities, promoting overall well-being.

5. Education and Support

Training Resources: We provide comprehensive training and support for our products, ensuring that OTs are well-equipped to use and instruct clients on their use.
Customer Service: Our commitment to customer service means that OTs can rely on ongoing assistance and troubleshooting as needed, enhancing the overall user experience.

Para Mobility products offer substantial benefits for occupational therapists, providing tools that enhance client independence, safety, and therapeutic outcomes. By incorporating these innovative solutions into their practice, OTs can improve the quality of life for their clients and streamline their processes. The user-friendly, and reliable nature of Para Mobility products makes them invaluable assets in the field of occupational therapy. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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