How to attract visitors to your accessible swimming pool during winter

Attracting visitors to your accessible swimming pool during winter requires some creative strategies to highlight the benefits and unique features you offer. Here are some ideas on how you can draw in visitors during the colder months:

1. Promote Heated Pools and Indoor Facilities

  • Warm Environment: Emphasise the comfort of your heated pool and the warm, indoor environment, making it an inviting option even in cold weather. Often these spaces are warmer than outside and a welcome relief to spend time in.
  • Heated Change Rooms & Saunas: If available, highlight additional amenities such as heated change rooms and saunas to enhance the winter swimming experience.

2. Offer Special Winter Programs and Classes

  • Aquatic Fitness Classes: Introduce special winter aquatic fitness classes, such as water aerobics, aqua yoga, or rehabilitation sessions, which can attract health-conscious individuals.
  • Swim Lessons: Offer swim lessons for different age groups, focusing on safety and skill-building in a controlled, warm environment.

3. Seasonal Promotions and Discounts

  • Winter Discounts: Provide discounted rates or special winter memberships to encourage more visitors.
  • Holiday Packages: Create holiday-themed packages or family deals that include swimming sessions along with other amenities like snacks or merchandise.
  • Competitions: Offer a competition or draw with an entry each visit with the winner drawn at the end of the cold season.

4. Highlight Accessibility Features

  • Accessibility Campaigns: Run targeted campaigns showcasing your pool’s accessibility features, such as ramps, steps, hoists, accessible changing rooms, and trained staff, to attract individuals with disabilities.
  • Testimonials: Share positive testimonials and reviews from visitors who have benefited from your accessible facilities.

5. Host Special Events and Activities

  • Winter Events: Organise winter-themed events, such as swim races, pool parties, or holiday celebrations, to draw in crowds.
  • Community Engagement: Partner with local organisations, schools, and community groups to host inclusive events that promote swimming and physical activity.

6. Leverage Digital Marketing and Social Media

  • Social Media Campaigns: Use social media platforms to share engaging content, including photos, videos, and stories about your pool’s winter activities and accessibility features.
  • Email Newsletters: Send out regular newsletters with updates on winter programs, special offers, and upcoming events to keep your audience informed and interested.

7. Collaborate with Health and Wellness Providers

  • Health Partnerships: Partner with local gyms, physiotherapists, and healthcare providers to promote your pool as a place for therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation.
  • Referral Programs: Create referral programs that incentivize health professionals to recommend your pool to their clients.

By emphasising the warmth and comfort of your accessible swimming pool, offering special programs and discounts, and leveraging digital marketing, you can attract visitors even during the winter months. Highlighting your pool’s accessibility features and creating a cozy, engaging atmosphere will help draw in a diverse group of visitors, ensuring that your facility remains a popular destination year-round.

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