Beat The 1st January 2024 Price Rise

Pelican Pool Hoist Australian Made

Beat the 1st January 2024 price rise. Request a quote to set your pricing. Place your order before 20 December 2023, book delivery before 31 March 2024 and we’ll honour the current prices.

At Para Mobility, we’re not just manufacturing mobility aids; we’re about enabling dreams. Each piece of equipment is a testament to Australian ingenuity, designed to withstand the vigour of water activities while providing unmatched durability and comfort.

The aquatic chairs provide independence and dignified access to water for a range of activities including therapy sessions, swimming and cooling down in the Australian heat, while pool hoists and pool steps allow easy transfer to and from the pool.

Our IBIS Portable Access Lifter, which helps transfers a person from a wheelchair into a car is also set for a price rise in January, as our Change Tables and Ceiling Hoists.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of our pre-Christmas installation offer and secure your mobility solutions before the price increase in January. These include:

  • Aquatic Wheelchair
  • Kingfisher Pool Access Seat
  • Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist
  • Platypus Pool Steps
  • IBIS Car Access Lifter
  • Change Tables
  • Ceiling Hoists
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