Why supporting Australian Made products is important

Australian Made

Why is Australian Made important?

Para Mobility is proud to have gained the Australian Made, Australian Owned licence for our manufactured range of assistive technology for the disability, aged care and rehabilitation sectors to enable specific lifting, mobility and access requirements.

Proudly Australian Made means that Para Mobility disability products can be built to custom specifications with ease, standard equipment can be tailored, quick access is available for parts or advice and training, as our local teams are all across Australia.

Why choose Australian Made?

  • Meet or exceeds Australian Standards
  • Manufactured to easily meet and exceed Australian Building Code requirements
  • Built for Australian Climates – highest quality materials and finishes
  • Ability to customise and adapt as needs change over time
  • Parts easily accessible and able to sent in short time frame
  • Service teams available at short notice, regular testing and servicing
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