Why Para Mobility’s Pelican Pool & Spa Hoist is the practical choice for council community and leisure centres

Pelican pool hoist

The Pelican Pool & Spa Hoist is the only product that truly provides full flexibility for accessibility to your pool or spa. It is also the only pool hoist that is made in Australia.

Whether the requirement be by platform, seat, aquatic wheelchair or sling, the Pelican can meet all those needs. The other products on the market are imported and only meet one or maybe two of those accessibility options and most at a price far greater than the Pelican.


Current legislation [Disability (Access to Premises – buildings) Standards 2010: D5 Accessible water entry/exit for swimming pools] with a perimeter greater than 40 / 70 metres stipulate that:

There should be no less than one accessible water entry/exit for each swimming pool. This might involve:

40m perimeter pool

  • A fixed or removable ramp and an aquatic wheelchair or
  • A zero depth entry and an aquatic wheelchair or
  • A sling-style swimming pool lift or
  • A platform swimming pool lift and an aquatic chair

70m perimeter pool

  • A fixed or removable ramp and an aquatic wheelchair or
  • A zero depth entry and an aquatic wheelchair or
  • A platform swimming pool lift and an aquatic wheelchair

Fixed and removable ramps must have a slip-resistant surface, a maximum gradient of 1:14, handrails on both sides of the ramp and extend to a depth of no less than 900mm and no more than 1000mm.

Swimming pool lifts and sling lifts should be located where the water depth is no more than 1300mm, and platform lifts should be capable of operating from the side of the swimming pool, in the swimming pool and on the platform.

Pool Access

Purpose built platforms not only are bulky, they greatly reduce pool safety and visibility for lifeguards and are extremely costly. Pool access is limited in accommodating only aquatic wheelchairs or standing leaving patrons with other special needs without any access. The Pelican Pool & Spa Hoist can be accessorised with a platform, aquatic wheelchair, seat and also a sling to ensure that you are providing the maximum accessibility possible for your pool. Both the aquatic wheelchair and variety options of slings are also made by Para Mobility to meet Australian standards. These provide features that are unique to our products, developed and adapted over time to meet your users needs. Unlike the bulky fixed unsightly platforms, the Pelican is a slimline elegant product that does not detract from the beauty of your aquatic centre. When not in use it can be easily rolled away by one person and stored.

For pools with a perimeter of less than 40/70 metres, where no platform is required, there are other imported products available, but none of these provide the flexibility of access by seat, aquatic wheelchair and sling. For Leisure and Aquatic Centres with more than one pool and/or spa, multiple fixing points can be installed, and the Pelican can easily be moved to each as required, thus saving the unnecessary cost of having multiple equipment at each pool/spa.

All our Pelican Pool & Spa Hoists are tailor made to suit the environment & applications of your pool/s and spa, whereas imported products from other suppliers require the pool installation be adapted to meet their limited requirements.

Call 1300 444 600 or email enquires@paramobility.com.au to ask one of our friendly advisers how we can help you meet your community needs.

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