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Swimming pool hoists

Back in 2013 the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 legislation was updated which outlined that new facilities and facilities undergoing upgrades must provide access for those with disabilities. The full legislation can be found at www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2010L00668

Aside from recreational usage water therapy also plays a vital role when it comes to recovery and rehabilitation programs. It offers low impact activities which takes the weight out of painful joints and muscles as well as offering people with severe disabilities a true sense of freedom.

Access is vital and the updated legislation offers more options than ever before. The Premises Standards now require at least one form of access be provided to swimming pools open to the public if the swimming pool has a perimeter of more than 40 meters.

Hoist types

Pool hoist options assist people with low-level needs all the way through to high-level disabilities.

Pool lifts are generally anchored in a concrete foundation, but a pool lift can also be surface mounted.

The three basic categories for pool lifts:

  • Hydraulic
  • Hydropowered
  • Battery powered

Access options include:

Ceiling hoists can be used in indoor pool environments. This option allows the user to transfer directly from the change room into the pool.
Hard seat lifts are designed for people who may need to be lowered into the water, but are otherwise mobile.
Sling style seats are ideal for people who need to be fully hoisted and supported.
Wheelchair hoists allow people to remain in an aquatic wheelchair from dry land into the water and back.

Para Mobility is proud to offer products that can make everyday living easier. Seeing the joy on the face of a person who has a disability when they can finally get into the water is a rewarding experience.

Domestic Hoists

It is most common for pool builders to supply domestic pool lifts and access hoists. Often considerations and allowances are made during construction and can impact the location, size, stair placement and support system the unit will rely on for fixture. Some lifts can be anchored via a bolt system to a concrete pad whilst others require added support and need a drilled support system instead.

Some units can be customised to suit the user while others adapt as part of the overall system.

Commercial Hoists

Commercial pools are typically public access options including council pools, hotel and resort pools, specialist schools and health care centres with a perimeter of 40 metres or more.

Access options include:

  • Access hoist
  • Sling-style lifts
  • Hard seat lifts
  • Platform lift
  • Zero depth entry
  • Fixed ramp
  • Portable ramp

If the swimming pool has a perimeter of more than 70 meters at least one means of providing entry must be by a ramp, zero entry or platform lift. It is the responsibility of the builder and facility operator to ensure they are complying with the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010.

The hoist system tends to be more popular as it allows all levels of disability access. Some people are unable to sit in a standard aquatic wheelchair, which limits the use of ramps. Weight can also play a key role in the carers ability to transfer a client in and out of the water safely.

Consideration during construction of the pool surrounds is vital when installing lifts and ramps. While all environments can be catered for lifts are quick and easy to install if the pool surrounds, concrete, deck or tiles already provide a thick and solid base.

No two pools are ever the same, which is why Para Mobility manufactures the pool hoist specifically for the client or architect. Pool surrounds can range from wet edge to hobs or raised edges. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer a variety of options and cater to specific needs.

When installing a commercial hoist the pool owner/operator and the builder both need to ensure there is enough room to pick up and unload the client. Consideration must also be given to the carer while ensuring for safe operation when assisting. A hoist with a 360 rotation will make it easier if there is limited space.


Para Mobility swimming pool hoists are made locally in Australia and are built to withstand the harsh outdoor climates. We use quality parts and materials that will ensure your investment withstands the test of time.

Like all aspects of pool maintenance regular services are highly recommended although the units require very little attention between services aside from battery checks.

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