Revolutionising Aquatic Wheelchair Safety: The Redesigned Platypus/Pelican Brake System

Aquatic Wheelchair user brake system

Our Platypus Aquatic Wheelchairs have been a crowd favourite for decades thanks to their light-weight, user-friendly features. That said, we are big believers that evolution should be constant and are always on the lookout for ways we can add even more functionality to our products. Thanks to collective feedback on our aquatic wheelchairs we were inspired to reinvent the brake system. After prototype development and field testing, we are very excited to share the new and improved model with you.

Para Mobility have reimagined the Platypus Aquatic Wheelchair brake system with two key features:

  1. We have repositioned the hand brakes to a higher location, allowing caregivers to activate them easily with their hands. Previously the brakes were at feet level which required the carer to bend down to almost ground level to hand activate the brake system. This simple yet ingenious adjustment enhances the ease of use for caregivers.
  2. The new placement of handbrakes now empowers the aquatic wheelchair user as they can access and control the brakes themselves. Unlike traditional wheelchairs where self-activation of brakes is often challenging or impractical, the redesigned brake system offers users the flexibility and independence they deserve. With the ability to control their wheelchair’s movement effortlessly, users can navigate aquatic environments with confidence and freedom.

The reinvented Platypus brake system represents a significant step forward in aquatic wheelchair design, setting a new standard for safety and usability. By prioritising the health and well-being of both user and caregiver needs, we continue to push the boundaries of accessibility, ensuring that individuals of all abilities can enjoy the benefits of water-based activities.

At Para Mobility, and in the world of aquatic accessibility, innovation knows no bounds.

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If you have product feedback you’d like to share we are all ears – please contact us at any stage. It’s only through customer feedback that we can get a deeper understanding and hands-on, level of user experience which is priceless.

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