Discover High Tech Mobility Solutions with the Luna Ceiling Hoist

Luna ceiling hoist and lifter

Luna Ceiling Hoists are versatile and innovative solutions designed to assist with patient transfers and mobility in various settings. Here are some of the best uses for Luna Ceiling Hoists:

Healthcare Facilities

Luna Ceiling Hoists are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers for transferring patients between beds, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment.

They enhance the efficiency of patient care by reducing manual lifting, minimising the risk of caregiver injuries, and providing a safer transfer experience for patients.

Aged Care Facilities

In aged care facilities, Luna Ceiling Hoists are employed to assist elderly residents with transfers and mobility.

These hoists contribute to a more comfortable and dignified experience for residents and ensure the well-being of care staff.

Home Care Settings

Luna Ceiling Hoists are suitable for home care environments, especially for individuals with limited mobility or disabilities.

They enable caregivers to provide assistance with transfers in the home, allowing individuals to maintain a level of independence and stay in their preferred living environment.

Rehabilitation Centers

In rehabilitation settings, Luna Ceiling Hoists support the mobility and rehabilitation process for individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries.

The hoists can be used during therapeutic exercises, transfers to and from rehabilitation equipment, and other activities that require assisted movement.

Accessible Bathrooms

Luna Ceiling Hoists can be installed in accessible bathrooms to aid with transfers to and from shower chairs, toilets, and baths.

These hoists enhance safety and convenience in the bathroom environment, particularly for individuals with mobility challenges.

Changing Places Facilities

Luna Ceiling Hoists are beneficial in Changing Places facilities, which are designed to meet the needs of individuals with severe disabilities.

They assist with transfers onto changing tables and between different areas within the facility, providing a more inclusive and accessible environment.

Special Education Settings

Luna Ceiling Hoists can be utilized in special education settings to support students with mobility challenges.

These hoists aid in transfers between wheelchairs, desks, and other seating arrangements, ensuring that students can participate in educational activities with ease.


In hospice care, Luna Ceiling Hoists contribute to the comfort and dignity of patients with life-limiting illnesses.

They assist with transfers to and from beds, chairs, and other furniture, providing support to both patients and caregivers.

Group Homes

Luna Ceiling Hoists can be installed in group homes where individuals with disabilities live together.

They facilitate transfers and mobility assistance for residents, contributing to a more efficient and supportive caregiving environment.

Accessible Public Spaces

Some public spaces, especially those designed with inclusivity in mind, may incorporate Luna Ceiling Hoists to assist individuals with disabilities.

These hoists can be installed in changing rooms, accessible bathrooms, or other areas to enhance accessibility for all visitors.

The ability of Luna Ceiling Hoists to facilitate safe and dignified transfers makes them an essential tool in promoting independence and well-being for individuals with mobility challenges. Contact us on 1300 444 600 to discuss options, pricing and whether it would be suitable for your needs.

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