Determined2 and Para Mobility in Adelaide


Determined2 in conjunction with Marisa’s family, have been working with Para Mobility to install a new lifter at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre North Adelaide. The lifter removes barriers and provides independence for people to access the water and participate in Immersion Therapy safely.
The new lifter will have a full rotation feature providing a more independent way for people to access the water. The lifter will be stored at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre and be available to the wider community while not being used by Determined2. The lifter will have a special plaque that bears Marisa’s name.
The total cost of this lifter is $15,788 with Para Mobility providing a generous discount (and donation). We are delighted to have raised over $6,600 from the GoFundMe so far! Your financial support to Marisa’s Go Fund Me will contribute towards the purchase of this lifter a be a standing memory of Marisa to all that use it.
She would have loved seeing everyone come together to reach this goal and we would like to acknowledge everyone who has contributed to our quest to continue Marisa’s legacy so far.
Determined2, the family and Para Mobility, will host a small memorial where the new Pelican Pool Hoist will be unveiled.

The unveiling will be held 8:30AM on the 22nd of November, all are welcome.
The purpose, as Marisa would have wanted, is to help others to experience the joy of breathing underwater.
If you would like to pass on the Go Fund Me, there is still time to donate, which can be done by following this link

About Marisa Nisbet
It is one year since Marisa grew her Angel wings and left our world.
21.06.1995 – 21.11.2021
Forever Young and Free, in the water you will find freedom

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