Alba Thermal Springs & Spa becomes an inclusive experience with the Pelican Pool Hoist

Alba Thermal Springs Pelican Pool Hoist

Alba Thermal Springs & Spa, renowned for its idyllic setting and holistic wellness offerings, has always prioritised guest satisfaction. The introduction of the Para Mobility Pelican Pool & Spa Hoist signifies a new chapter in the spa’s dedication to ensuring that everyone, regardless of physical abilities, can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of its thermal pools.

The Pelican Pool Hoist, now operational across five spas at Alba Thermal Springs & Spa, is a game-changer for guests with mobility challenges. This innovative hoist provides a safe and comfortable means for individuals to access the water, reinforcing the spa’s commitment to offering an inclusive experience.

Beyond the poolside, Alba Thermal Springs & Spa is taking accessibility a step further by working on a comprehensive change room fit-out. This initiative aims to create facilities that cater to the diverse needs of all patrons, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from arrival to departure.

It’s an absolute pleasure to work with companies who share our vision for inclusivity and accessibility. These upgrades, including both the Pelican Pool & Spa Hoist and the ongoing accessible change room fit-out, showcase the spa’s commitment to providing a truly welcoming and enjoyable experience for all patrons. As the spa continues to redefine wellness, it sets a shining example for the industry, demonstrating that relaxation and rejuvenation should be accessible to everyone.

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