Sherpa tracked stair climbers are indicated for disabled persons who need to navigate stairs in buildings without suitable equipment; for this reason, they are suitable for overcoming architectural barriers.

The stair climber consists of a metal structure that moves on rubber tracks and a tiller, which allows steering and anchoring a wide range of wheelchairs. The control and emergency buttons are ergonomically arranged on the tiller. Movement is provided by an electric motor managed by an electronic controller for soft starts and stops along with a high level of comfort.

The unit is battery powered. The battery-charger is built into the machine and the residual charge is displayed on the control panel. The track provides forward and backward movement while changes in direction are made by a pair of manoeuvring wheels that extend automatically.

The machine is easy to transport because unhooking the steering column reduces its overall dimensions and weight, making it easy to manoeuvre. The body of the machine is activated by a button located on the rear control panel.

The structure’s loading-bearing frame is made of electrically welded steel treated with a cataphoresis process, while the steering mechanism consists of a chrome-plated steel framework. The thermoformed high-impact polystyrene chassis gives the product a refined, modern look. The machine’s extremely modest height makes it simple to attach a wide variety of wheelchairs.

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